Does the lesson get cancelled in case of bad weather and is there a refund?

The lessons take place in all weather conditions. In case the ski lifts are running on a reduced or closed schedule, we will adjust our lessons accordingly.

If my child is sick, should I cancel their lesson?

Yes, please inform the office of the ski school or the ski instructor directly if your child is unable to attend the lesson due to illness.

Do I get a refund for missed lessons?

You can receive a refund upon presentation of a medical certificate in case of illness or accident.

Do I get a refund for lessons my child chooses not to attend?

A refund is only possible in case of illness or accident and upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Is it possible for my child to move up to a higher level during the week, for example if they were placed in the wrong level or if they are making significantly faster progress than their classmates?

Sure. Changes are possible after consultation with the Ski/Snowboard teacher.

Is the ski pass included in the price for group lessons?

No, the ski pass is not included in the price for any lessons (except for Duo tickets).

How many students are typically in a group lesson class?

For the youngest children, there are a maximum of 6 children per group or multiple snow sports instructors per group. From the Blue Prince level, there are typically 8-10 children per group (without guarantee).

What if the child forgets their booklet at home?

If the booklet is forgotten, the child will receive a copy of the completed week. Please keep this copy and bring it with you on your next vacation so that we can update the entry in the original booklet. Going forward, the booklet will be maintained digitally.

What if the booklet is lost?

The booklet is now maintained online. At the beginning of the week, you will receive a corresponding link. If you have not received a link, please contact the ski school office.

Is the ski race mandatory?

The children's ski race is part of the weekly course.

Can children who are not enrolled in the weekly course also participate in the ski race?

All guests have the opportunity to participate in the guest ski race.

Is there a possibility to watch the ski race and cheer on the children?

Definitely! Supporting your child is very important. Please check with the snow sports instructor to find out where and when the children's ski race takes place.

From what age can I enroll my child in ski school?

From the age of 3, your child is ready for group lessons. Aspects such as independence, strength, enjoyment in a group setting, and adaptability to new situations should be assessed by the parents.

What is the Hexenland / Swiss Snow Kids Village and what is the difference compared to Blue Prince / Princess?

The Hexenland / Swiss Snow Kids Village is for our youngest guests aged 3 years and up, who are skiing for the first time. Lessons take place initially in the Hexenland area. The Blue Prince / Princess groups ski on the regular slopes.

Is there a helmet requirement for children in the Hexenland / Swiss Snow Kids Village?

Helmet requirements are not mandatory in Switzerland. However, we recommend wearing a helmet to ensure the safety and protection of all participants in our ski school.

Do I need to register for private lessons in advance?

You can book private lessons at any time on-site at the ski school office.

Can private lessons be canceled in case of bad weather?

Private lessons will be conducted in all weather conditions except when the ski facilities are not in operation. In this case, rescheduling is possible. Otherwise, a cancellation notice of 3 days prior to the lesson applies.

Can you pay with Reka at the ski school office?

Yes, you can pay with Reka.