Checklist for parents

Meeting points:

10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

Katzen, Hexli, and Geissli groups meet in the Hexenland.

Group lessons meet at the "Level flags"

Adult lessons meet at the "Meeting-Point"

Private lessons meet at the "Meeting-Point"

What to bring in your jacket:

Small snack (no backpacks)

Online confirmation or ticket Snowleague booklet,

if available Ski pass (required once using the chairlift for children born in 2017 or later)

Other information:

Tea and water are provided for the children during the break, free of charge.

Good equipment is a MUST (sun protection, gloves, helmet, goggles, balaclava, warm clothes, ski boots, poles, and skis or snowboard).

Ski poles are required from level "Blue-King". Label your equipment (risk of confusion).

Tip from the school director:

Allow enough time to reduce stress for you, your children, and everyone involved.


The child stays with their group in the ski school's break room during the break.

They will be provided with a warm tea. Please provide small snacks in their jacket pocket.

Group photo

On Tuesday, the photographer will come by. We will gather at the big witch's broom and take a group photo.

Each child will receive a group photo of their ski group on Friday.

Kids disco

Every Thursday, the children's disco takes place. Together with Snowli and ski instructors, we dance from 3:45 pm on the Chiematte, Hexeland.

All children and adults are welcome. Admission is free. No registration required.


During the week, the child will learn about the story of Snowli.

Snowli will visit the children's Hexeland several times a week. Get ready to be surprised!

Awards and Medals

All children will receive a souvenir photo at the end of the course as well as a medal from the race. Upon successful completion of the respective course, you will also receive a link to the customer portal (via email) with the reached new konwledges. If you still have a booklet, we can also make the entry there. A pin can be purchased for CHF 5.- at the ski school office.